21st February is International Mother Language Day also called Language Marty’s Day. It is an annual event and worldwide observed this day. Every year people celebrate this day to memorize in 1952 historical moment in Bangladesh. Before 2002 this day was only celebrated in Bangladesh but after UNESCO announced it in 1999 then all over the world celebrate this day.

The United Nations mainly observed this day to promote awareness of language, respect for all nation’s mother languages and cultural diversity among the world. On 21 February 2022 is Mother Tongue Day, People celebrate this day upcoming on Monday.

What is the day of 21 February?

According to the UNESCO, 21 February is the International Mother Language Day. All the country’s people especially Bangladesh and West Bangle, India country’s people celebrate this day to commemorate the ‘language Martyr’ who died in 1952. On this day many students are sacrificed their lives to make Bangla the state language. To remember that day and these people annually held this day.

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