National Sorry Day

National Sorry Day is an annual event held on 26 May in Australia to commemorate and recognise the mistreatment of the country’s Indigenous people, including the Stolen Generations. This day marks an important step towards healing the grief, loss, and trauma caused by the policies of past governments. The day is marked with events, commemorations, and activities to help raise awareness of the history of mistreatment and to work towards reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.


Shavuot is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. It is celebrated on the sixth day of the Hebrew month of Sivan, usually in May or June. During Shavuot, Jews traditionally read from the Book of Ruth and eat dairy foods such as cheesecake and blintzes. Other customs include all-night Torah study, decorating homes with flowers and greenery, and reciting special prayers.

National Vtuber Day

National VTuber Day is an annual celebration of virtual YouTubers (VTubers) that occurs on the first Saturday of August. This day was created to recognize the growing VTuber community and their fans, and to celebrate the creativity and diversity that VTubers bring to the world. National VTuber Day is a great opportunity to come together and appreciate the wonderful VTubers and the amazing things they bring to the world.

European Neighbors’ Day

European Neighbors’ Day is an annual event celebrated on May 30th that encourages people to get to know their neighbors and build stronger communities. It is an opportunity to share experiences, learn from each other, and celebrate the diversity of cultures that make up our European identity. It was initiated by the European Commission in 2016 and is celebrated in many countries across Europe.

National Jordan Day

National Jordan Day is an annual celebration of the country of Jordan and its culture. It is celebrated on April 25th each year and commemorates the signing of the Anglo-Jordan Treaty in 1946. This day is celebrated with traditional food, music, art, and activities to honor the culture and people of Jordan. It is a time to recognize and appreciate the history and values of the country.

National Cellophane Tape Day

National Cellophane Tape Day is an annual event celebrated on October 31st. It was created to recognize the invention of cellophane tape and its impact on society. Celebrations include using cellophane tape to make crafts, having contests for the most creative cellophane tape use, and displaying the many uses of cellophane tape that can be found around the home.

National Grape Popsicle Day

National Grape Popsicle Day celebrates the delicious treat. It’s the perfect day to enjoy a frozen grape popsicle or try making a homemade version. Celebrate National Grape Popsicle Day with family and friends and savor the sweet taste of this icy treat!

Towel Day

Towel Day is an annual commemoration of the life and works of the late author Douglas Adams. Held on May 25, people of all ages celebrate the day by carrying a towel with them, in remembrance of Adams’ iconic Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. On Towel Day, fans also come together to discuss Adams’ books and watch related films and television shows.

World Lindy Hop Day

World Lindy Hop Day is an annual event celebrated on May 26th each year. It was created to celebrate the global swing dance community and its joyful, spontaneous, and uplifting spirit. It is a day to recognize and appreciate the history of Lindy Hop and the people who have kept it alive. On this day, dancers around the world come together to learn, teach, and dance this vibrant dance form.

Georgia Independence Day

Georgia Independence Day is an important holiday in the nation of Georgia, celebrated every May 26th. It marks the day in 1918 when Georgia declared its independence from the Russian Empire after centuries of foreign rule. It is a day of national pride for Georgians, as it honors the country’s history and celebrates its freedom as a sovereign nation. On this day, Georgians come together to commemorate the occasion with ceremonies, parades, and special events.