Crows and ravens are both large, black birds, but they are not the same species. Crows are smaller and have a fan-shaped tail, while ravens have a longer and heavier bill and a wedge-shaped tail. Crows can be found in many places around the world and inhabit a variety of habitats, including urban and suburban areas. Ravens are found mainly in the Northern Hemisphere and prefer more wild and remote areas. In addition, crows are usually seen in small groups, while ravens are usually seen alone or in pairs.

In terms of their calls, crows have a cawing sound, while ravens have a deeper croaking sound. Crows also have a wide variety of vocalizations and are able to mimic sounds from their environment. Ravens have a greater range of vocalizations, including a variety of croaks, clicks, and whistles. They are also able to imitate the calls of other animals, including dogs and wolves.