Today is the greatest 21st February Language Marty’s Day and International Mother Language Day 2022. In Bangladesh, 21 February is a historical milestone day in raising the demand for national identity and independence. In 1952, Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar and so many Bangali people sacrificed their lives for their mother language. They are sacrificed to protect the honor and dignity of their mother tongue.

The only Bangali people sacrificed their lives to make the state language their mother language. No other country’s people have not sacrificed for their mother tongue. After 1952 historical events then UNESCO declared the day as International Mother Language Day.

After then Every year on 21 February this day is observed world widely. On this day people celebrate this day to remember all the martyrs those are sacrificed in 1952. Centering on language day many poets around the world have been written poems.

Since Bangla is our mother tongue so here, we are providing so many 21 February Bangla poems. On this day you can share some parts of these poems with your friends and family.

21st February Short Poem

Many Bangli poets wrote language day-related short poems. These poems are so beautiful that’s creating love in our minds for our mother language. Here given some Ekushey Choto Kobita.

You wake up today You wake up today Ekushey February
Even today the heroic son of the heroic woman dies in the prison of the tyrant
The soul of my martyred brother calls
Wake up, the latent energy of the people spreads in the fields
February will burn again in the fire of great anger
Ekushey February Ekushey February.



আমায় নেবে সঙ্গে,

বাংলা আমার বচনআমি

জন্মেছি এই বঙ্গে


Can I forget the twenty-first of February
incarnadined by the love of my brother?
The twenty-first of February, built by the tears
of a hundred mothers robbed of their sons,
Can I ever forget it?
Wake up all serpents,
wake up all summer thunder-storms,
let the whole world rise up
in anger and protest against the massacre of innocent children.

21 February Bangla Kobita

Basically, this day is observed to commemorate people sacrificed for their mother language in 1952. As a Bangali to celebrate this day share some Bangali poems with everyone and pray to all martyrs.

21 February Kobita

21 February Song

In Bangladesh, a song has been released centering on Language Marty’s day. On this day all kinds of people sing the song together and various kinds of television channels performed this song. The song name is amr vai ar rokte rangano Ekushey February.